A Guide to Buying French Intimate Apparel

Lingerie is the French word for underwear. Lingerie is often confused with sleepwear. However they are not the same. Lingerie is designed for comfort and is usually quite lightweight. It is designed to be worn under clothing so as to create a garment that covers the body completely.


What is high-quality lingerie? High-quality lingerie is luxurious women’s undergarments made from fine fabrics. They may be alluring and fashionable. The basic lingerie definition encompasses all other articles of intimate apparel, worn by most women, which are designed to be comfortable and durable.

What is the difference between normal lingerie and French lingerie? Lingerie is designed to be worn and that’s why it is called intimate clothing. In contrast, normal clothing is designed to be worn in a commercial setting such as a factory, or office. Normal clothing is manufactured from low quality fabrics such as cotton or polyester. The fabrics used are not suitable for prolonged or repeated use.

French lingerie is a special case. It is designed to be worn while one is out in public, and is therefore usually more expensive than normal intimate apparel wear. French lingerie incorporates the full benefits of wearing underwear including an attractive bra, high quality pair of panties, control top, corset or bustier, and lingerie belts and pantyhose. All these pieces of lingerie are designed to be worn under clothing, instead of being left on the closet floor. The design also includes underwire support to provide maximum comfort and a smooth silhouette.

French lingerie is usually much more expensive than normal underwear because it is considered a special type of undergarment. Unlike regular underwear or nightwear which can be purchased and worn in a variety of styles, lingerie is designed with form-fitting garment, which makes it comfortable to wear and gives it the appearance of a lingerie garment. Lingerie is most often made from silk, satin, lace, or cotton. Some designers specialize in producing a particular fabric like nylon, which is light weight, but offers an attractive appearance and durability.

When buying underwear or nightwear, it is important to choose a style that complements your body shape. Different types of lingerie can be worn for different occasions. Underwear, which is designed to be worn under clothing can be worn during sports. Lingerie which is designed for being worn with other garments, including a skirt or a pair of jeans, can also be worn under clothing when occasions demand a little more excitement.