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The classic style seems to be so evident in its principles that we rarely think about its characteristic features. However, in the age of mixing trends, which disappear as quickly as they appeared, it is worth considering what exactly the classic style is about. Fashion that never goes away is the best investment, mainly when it works for so many everyday occasions.

Classic style in fashion is pretty much the only certainty worth betting on every season. Although it sometimes falls by the wayside, it will never let you down when you don’t know what to wear. This autumn/winter season sees the classic style make a huge comeback, and although it has always been present in fashion, it has become the number one trend.

A classic look for all occasions

What does a classic look look look like? The classic look is based on a few principles to adapt to your style and dress code. As the name suggests, the traditional style is based on the classics that never disappear from the catwalks.

This includes white shirts, tailored trousers, cigarette trousers, pencil skirts, the little black dress, trench coats, scarves, and classic dresses in women’s fashion. What is a classic cut? It does not go for big frills, tulle, embellishments and appliqu├ęs. A classic by definition is subdued and structured. However, this does not mean that it has to look dull and stiff.

How to style the classic look? Clothes in this style usually feature a neutral colour palette that includes white, black, navy blue, beige and grey. This is why traditional techniques are so often used in business dress codes and other formal situations.

If you want to give your classic outfit a personal touch, it is a good idea to go for unobvious, more striking accessories. Red shoes or a handbag, chunky jewellery, or an original watch add interest and individuality to your outfit.

The classics in fashion. How does Victoria Beckham do it?

We have found three intriguing looks for stars and fashion icons. See how a unique and trendy classic style can look. An outfit is a way to show your personality, so these three women always add a big pinch of character and originality to it.

The first proposal belongs to a fashion icon and a classic feminine style with a modern twist. Victoria Beckham has come a long way and made a significant metamorphosis in her class, which today exemplifies and inspires women worldwide.

In her signature designs and everyday life, Victoria Beckham relies on classics that she interprets in her way.

This black and white ensemble is the quintessential example of a classic look. The trend of a white shirt paired with a dark bottom, in this case, trousers, will never go away. It’s a duo that’s perfect for any crisis, i.e. when you don’t know what to wear. Victoria Beckham has turned this look into a modern classic with a red belt and statement accessories. Note that the trousers are made from a leather-like material which gives the whole outfit a strong character. The heeled boots, with their subtle pattern, are subtle touch but don’t go unnoticed. So if you are wondering how to style a classic look, combine your clothes with unusual accessories. After all, they are the key to the unique character of your style.

The classic look by Kate Moss – elegant fashion

The second proposal is the classic style in an exquisite but equally unusual version. It was created by the fashion icon model Kate Moss. Although Kate is known for her love of rock styling, as she gets older, she increasingly prefers businesslike, classic outfits. One of them is the combination of shirt and trousers, which differs considerably from the one presented by Victoria Beckham.

So how else can a classic look work? Fashion allows you to play with colours, cuts and patterns. In this case, Kate Moss opted for a traditional amount, which stands out in monochrome colours. The beautiful silk shirt is perfectly matched with elegant graphite trousers. The trousers are decorated with this season’s fashionable stripes, which make the whole look very original.

Kate Moss accessorised her outfit with subtle yet intriguing jewellery, mainly in the form of a silver bracelet. This look proves that a classic style can still stand out even if it does not include any bold colours or accents. The look is incredibly stylish, elegant and unique.

The classic look – a garment that can intrigue

Are there any other ideas on how to use the classic style? This style is based on basic clothes. Jennifer Aniston proves, however, that one additional element can take the classic look from the obvious to the predictable.

In her interview with Elen Degeneres, Aniston wore an outfit that fits her figure and personality perfectly. The short skirt in black shows off her legs, but the classic white shirt softens the girly look. The white shirt is associated with professionalism and maturity, making an unobvious but impressive duet with the black mini.

What else makes this classic look special? The actress’s outfit is made even more original by an equally classic checked waistcoat, making the whole ensemble even more intriguing.

This one element breaks the classic black and white combination and makes the outfit more memorable. The waistcoat is a great accessory that you can put on and take off throughout the day, depending on the occasion and situation where a specific dress code is required.
How to sneak a classic style into your wardrobe? Clothes to have in your wardrobe

How to smuggle a classic style into your wardrobe? Classic fashion, which refers to current autumn trends, is broken with delicate patterns, for example, those with animal motifs. Go for a snakeskin shirt in subtle colour and match it with beige culottes. Combine it with black pumps for a classic but also very modern and trendy look.

If you want to go more classic, swap wide trousers for a classic black pencil skirt, which is irreplaceable in a business dress code. It will look great with heeled shoes and a black handbag, even a more casual one.

What is the classic style based on? The classic look is mainly based on subtle colours, sometimes with subtle patterns. The classes are not oversized and are based on cuts that have been in your wardrobe for years.

The modern classic style allows for many variations, but it is good to go for a universal base, such as a shirt or skirt, which will work in any situation.

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