Deep Winter

Deep Winter - beauty type characteristics


Deep winter is a deep, dark type of beauty. Dark hair, dark eyes and a darker complexion are characteristic of this type. People with light hair and light iris colour do not belong to the Deep class. Eyes of Deep Winter type people are deep dark brown, almost black or black; there are also deep dark olive coloured eyes. Hair is usually black or black with a slight but cool brown tinge. Women’s complexion with this type of beauty can be swarthy, olive or tanned, but it often shows a cool undertone. Since dark winters are the sister beauty type to darker winters, warmer tones can also appear in their beauty. The beauty of dark winters is deep and expressive but not contrasting, so women of this type do not look well in very bright colours or styles based on strong contrasts.


Dark winter attributes – dark, cool, clean

The dominant attribute of dark winter is darkness, so Deep Winter colours should be primarily dark, deep, saturated. Dark winters should avoid pastel, bleached colours, or contrasting and bright colours. The second attribute of dark winter is a cool shade, so women with this type of beauty should reach for dark and cool colours more often. Winter types are the only colour types who look good in black. They also look beautiful in reds, both cool and pinkish reds (carmine, cherry red, burgundy) and warmer reds such as blood red. Dark winters are also suited to dark and cool greens like emerald, dark blues and purples – indigo, plum purple, blackberry, navy blue.

Since their sister beauty type is dark autumn, Deep Winter can borrow some colours from her.


Silver or gold?

Dark winters may opt for silver or dark gold. They will look unfavourable in bright gold. Jewellery can be expressive, extravagant with intensive shine, ethnic, which suits southern types. Use ruby, emerald, topaz for the stones.


Black and white

Women with Deep Winter skin type may opt for black even in the total look. They are one of the few women who can tolerate this colour due to their intense beauty. They may combine black with other deep colours such as dark greens, navy blues, deep reds, and purples. A combination of black with beige will also look nice. On the other hand, white will not be favourable for them, because their complexion in contact with light and pure colour, will take an earthy colour. A duo of black and white will also be unfavourable.


What colours should dark winters avoid?

This skin type should avoid very light colours, pastels, pure white, sharp contrasts in clothing, combinations such as black and white or navy blue, bright oranges and yellows.


Lipstick test

Dark winters look great with opaque reds tending towards brown, cool wine reds, cherry reds and warmer tomato reds. For daytime, nude or more generous caramel brown shades work well. Translucent or semi-transparent subtle lipsticks and lip glosses will be unfavourable unless used on top of a darker lipstick to emphasise the shine.


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