Fashion Versus Function

Lingerie is what many people would think of when they hear the word fashion. Fashion, in fact, covers a wide range of things. It is used for clothing, design, and accessories. A woman’s wardrobe usually consists of different types of clothing and accessories. The items of clothing themselves may range from evening gowns to sports bras.

So what is lingerie then? Lingerie are alluring and stylish women’s undergarments made from various fabrics. They can be both sexy and fashionable. The lingerie definition encompasses all different types of lingerie, not just bras. So in the 21st century, the lingerie market has gone more generic and there are more fabric options than ever before.

Some of the most common fabric choices for lingerie in the 21st century are silk, cotton, nylon, Lycra, satin, and fishnet. These fabrics are usually combined with a smooth top layer, typically cotton or silk, and then come down into the various parts of the lingerie such as the panties, bras, camisoles, and nightgowns. The sheer fabrics used in modern lingerie, such as silk or satin, provide more comfort than the synthetic fiber fabrics. Some of the most popular lingerie designers of the 21st century are Emme Lacroix, Valaya, Fath and Bonny, Jacuzzi Racha, and Steiff. Some designers specialize in a particular fabric type such as boudoir and baby dolls.

In the 20th century, corsets also became a popular lingerie item. Corsets were designed for use as a waist supporting device. The corset would either be made of metal, plastic, or some combination. In the beginning of the 20th century, however, corsets became associated with Victorian era fashions, and their use as a waist supporting device waned.

During the 21st century, lingerie designers have once again developed corsets that are not only comfortable, but that also feel amazing. Lycra is one of the fabrics used in today’s best lingerie brands. Lycra provides the slimming effect that many people want when they wish to look their best. Lycra feels lightweight and like it is always there, even while wearing it! Natural fibers are also used in the making of some of the best lingerie in the world including silk, cashmere, and cotton.

The term “lingerie” conjures up images of sexy undergarments and nightwear. However, lingerie is much more than simply sexy undergarments. Most lingerie is worn in order to enhance personal styles, and not for purposes of seducing others. Some of the most popular lingerie brands include Gossard, Victorias Secret, Victoria’s Secret, MiracleSuit, Sloggi, Debenhams, Assisted Sleepwear, Mon Cheri, Baci Lingerie, and Jovani. Whichever type of intimate apparel you prefer, lingerie can never be categorized as merely sexy clothing, because lingerie is an extension of who a woman is by nature – whether she likes to admit it or not!