Intimate Lingerie for All


Intimate Lingerie for All

When it comes to sexy women’s underwear, the fashion world is forever dominated by a single style – Lingerie. With styles ranging from corsets and bustiers, to thongs and baby dolls, the choice for many women can be quite overwhelming. Luckily, there are now more stylish ranges of women’s underwear available, making the task of buying something more stylish easier than ever. Take the glamorous Italian fashion house to your nearest local shop by shopping for a piece of lingerie made by top designer Prada. Made in their signature bold print and elegant headpiece, you could wear these fabulous intimates throughout the day and feel extremely comfortable doing so.

As the name suggests, Corset is an undergarment that is made out of a corset, which is then stitched with lace around the waist and legs. The Corset was originally designed back in the late 19th century, and since its creation women have used it to flatter their figures. The design is thought to have been inspired by the styles worn by Catherine the Great as well as by Victorian and Edwardian era lingerie designs. In other words, the Corset has now moved out of the classical and romantic past to become a modern contemporary piece of lingerie

Another type of women’s lingerie that is seen in the fashion world today is the Boudoir collection. Boudoir lingerie collections are made from sheer fabrics and often include garters and baby dolls. More revealing than your everyday bra and panty sets, this type of lingerie can help give you a flattering slim silhouette. Most often found in chemises and camisoles, you may also find this type of lingerie made from such exotic fabrics as satin. The colors available are also varied, ranging from traditional black and white to pinks and blues. So no matter what the season is, you are sure to find a gorgeous piece of lingerie to suit your style.

When it comes to sexy lingerie for men, Christian Dior is definitely not your typical discount store. This brand offers some of the most beautiful and elegant designs of any designer brand. Although priced at the very high end of the fashion price range, when you purchase a Dior corset or a Christian Dior cami top you are not just buying the pieces but are wearing a piece of art that speaks volumes about who you are. When you are wearing a Christian Dior corset or a Dior cami top, you will definitely be feeling and looking sexier and more confident than you ever have before.

For those of you who prefer the more colorful side of lingerie, forget the white panties and black pantyhose and look into the exciting world of lace and satin. Christian Dior creates some of the most feminine looking lingerie sets and panties to date. With an emphasis on sheerness and smoothness over emphasis on design or embellishment, Christian Dior has really outdone themselves this time with their line of lingerie. If you want something to surprise or a little extra kick to your sex life, try a lace bra or a pair of Christian Dior panties. These will add a touch of whimsy and sexuality to any lingerie collection. You can also find a great selection of baby doll lingerie and matching panties as well.

From sporty to seductive, casual to elegant, sexy to classy, there is no question that the fashion of today is leaning more towards lingerie. From sheer to demure, every woman needs a little something extra in her wardrobe. The best place to start is with your undergarments. With a huge variety of underwear brands to choose from, there is a pair of lingerie that is right for every occasion. Whether you are looking for something sexy for the gym or more seductive for a night out on the town, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, Alfred Sung and others have you covered.