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Colour analysis

I want to invite you to the second part of the series on beauty types, in which I’ll tell you about the Light Summer. I encourage you to take a look at my previous posts in the colour analysis series. The first article is about the tonal analysis system’s colour analysis, i.e. according to the 12 beauty types. Here you will find a simple guideline for choosing colours according to your beauty type.


Light Summer – beauty type characteristics


Light Summer is the sister type to Light Spring. The two looks can be very similar, except that Summer tends to go for light, cool colours, while spring tends to go for light, warm colours. The beauty of a light summer is, above all, bright. This is the first and most crucial attribute defining this type of beauty. When I think of a golden summer, I see a woman with light hair, fair, sometimes pale skin and a light iris colour. Light summer skin is noticeably fair; it can be porcelain, pinkish or have cool blue undertones. The eyes of a soft summer can be blue, grey-blue, grey-green. Hair is blonde, ranging from medium, natural, cool, even mousey to light ashy. The contrast between hair, skin and eyes is low. If you have dark brown or black hair or dark eye colour, you do not belong to this type.


Famous people of the light summer type


Attributes of the light summer type are – bright, cool and faded.

The Light summer’s first attribute is the bright valence, which is why Light Summer colours should primarily be light pastel colours. The second attribute is a cool shade, which means that people with this beautiful type are more likely to reach cool pastels. Light Summer looks beautiful in light, cool, powdered pastels – powder pink, dove blue, mint, sandy beige, light grey, watermelon red.

The sister beauty type of the light summer is the soft spring and therefore the light summer may borrow some colours from the golden spring, for example, light salmon, light turquoise, pudding. Light types are neither distinctly warm nor distinctly cool, so their colour palette may mix warmer and cooler colours.


Silver or gold?


Light summer looks better in silver or white gold. The jewellery should not play first fiddle and should not overshadow the delicate beauty of representatives of this type. Jewellery can be openwork, composed of many small elements with blue-green stones – sapphire, topaz. Small pearls also look beautiful.

What colours should a light summer avoid?

First of all, dark and heavy colours, such as black, chocolate brown, burgundy, plum. Sharp, neon colours like fuchsia, intense red, canary yellow, cobalt, cyan blue will be too intense for the delicate beauty of a light summer. It is also best to avoid contrasting combinations such as white and black, white and dark blue.



Lipstick test


This type of beauty looks beautiful in light and cool semi-transparent lipsticks. They can be pastel pinks or nude colours with a hint of pink. Intense, dark or highly saturated lipsticks are too heavy for this type of beauty. If it’s red, it should be a cool raspberry or watermelon shade and mainly for the evening.

I’m curious if there are any of us who represent the light summer type. How do you like this type?

If you would like to see examples of styles for the light summer, check out my Instagram, specifically Insta Stories. I save all the content in featured accounts so that you can come back to them at any time.

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