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Why is red lingerie so popular?


One of the synonyms of love is the colour red. Red roses, hearts, lingerie… Exactly – it is the latter that excites our imagination the most. Why is it so and what makes bras or panties in this colour so popular?



Colours have their own language

You have probably heard about colour psychology. It talks about the influence of colours on human emotions. Today it is most often used in marketing and interior design, which should come as no surprise. Both fields are supposed to take care of the right influence on our moods. But red is just as often used in fashion, where – as in interiors – it carries an appropriate message about the person who wears it. So what does the colour red tell us?

According to researchers, red has the greatest influence on the human psyche. As a counterpart to the element of fire, it can literally raise our blood pressure, accelerate our breathing and heart rate. Since it is the colour of courage and love, it is believed to be most preferred by people with strong characters, great energy and full of ambition. Interestingly, in China the colour red also accompanies the wedding ceremony. Traditional bridal outfits are entirely red. The same colour is also used for other attributes of the Chinese wedding ceremony.



Red underwear for special occasions

Red bras, panties, corsets and garter belts are usually associated with intimate moments. Lingerie in this colour is associated with passion and feelings. Red stimulates the senses and works on imagination. That’s why it is accepted that this type of sets are worn mainly on special occasions (but not only on Valentine’s Day). Red gives many women self-confidence and sex-appeal, which can certainly influence the temperature of a relationship.

We offer you will find several models in the colour of hot red. One of them is the Bella bra available in soft, semi-soft, push up and balconette versions. Made of fabric decorated with delicate flowers, it will beautifully emphasize breasts and cleavage. The set includes thongs, tangs and two cuts of panties. The Diamond line is a sensual and elegant interpretation of red lingerie. The bra is available in soft, semi-soft and push up versions. An interesting complement to the set is a garter belt. Apparently it is this element of lingerie that men would most like to see on their girlfriends… See in our shop


Red with traditions


Red lingerie has also had several other functions and they are by no means connected with the power of passion. The best known custom in our country is wearing bras and panties in this colour to the prom. According to tradition, they should bring good luck at the graduation. What is important, the same underwear should also be worn on the day of the maturity exam. To strengthen the positive effect of this type of garment on the result of the graduation, it is worth investing in a red garter, which should be worn on the left leg during the prom.

Italians also feel connected to red underwear by tradition. The inhabitants of the Apennine Peninsula wear it to say goodbye to the old year. This custom is supposed to bring them luck, and for women it is also supposed to make it easier to find a husband in the coming year.


The power of red

Red lingerie will always be associated above all with feelings and passion. In a more sexy or elegant version, it will certainly help to emphasise the special atmosphere of a relationship. However, it is worth remembering about another symbolism of this colour. The fact that it gives us energy, courage, that we can feel more confident thanks to it. So why not take out a red bra for special occasions from your wardrobe and put it on just like that – without any occasion, but rather with a view to boosting your vigour? Remember, this colour has power!

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