Does the choice of underwear matter?

Wearing underwear under your clothes can give the impression that you don’t need to spend a lot of time on it. But this is a mistake that can cost you a poor image and a bad mood, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence.

Comfort and lack of embarrassment

Well-chosen underwear is not only a bra or panties that fit your figure. It is models, which on the one hand will emphasise her assets, and on the other give you a sense of comfort in wearing. Well-chosen underwear should not hinder your movements, change its position on the body or bite into it painfully. Feeling comfortable in your clothes will make it easier for you to focus on your tasks, and you will feel more pleasure and relaxation when relaxing and having a good time.

Match your underwear to your clothes

You can feel confident in the right underwear to match your outfit. Make sure that your bra straps and cups do not protrude from your blouse and that the elastic band of your panties does not extend beyond the waistband of your trousers or skirt. If you wear light-coloured clothing, skip dark-coloured underwear.

Lace or cotton underwear – our advice

Comfortable cotton or sexy lace? Which underwear to choose? Many women face this dilemma every day, both when shopping and planning their outfit for the next day. Cotton underwear has gained a reputation of being comfortable, giving a feeling of freedom and everyday ease. The one made of lace, usually on special occasions, looks impressive, sensual and tempting, while at the same time it can give the impression of innocence and delicacy. Which one to reach for to feel comfortable and attractive at any time of day? We suggest!

Lace or cotton underwear?

Lace underwear gained its popularity already in antiquity. Its elements were found in the tombs of pharaohs. Over the following centuries, lace underwear was worn at royal courts. Among others, Elizabeth I liked to use it. Lace was therefore considered a noble material, and underwear made from it was deemed to be luxurious. In the meantime, the subtle beauty of lace was admired by the French. To this day, it reigns over the fashion shows of many leading designers.

Although underwear made of lace is undoubtedly the unique item of clothing in this category, it is very often compared to its counterparts. Aspects such as the pleasure in contact with the skin and, above all, the comfort of wearing underwear, which accompanies us throughout the day, are taken into account. Many ladies have both types of lingerie in their wardrobes and wear them depending on the circumstances and the whole styling they plan to appear.

Which is more comfortable: lace underwear or cotton underwear?

One of the first differences you’ll notice as soon as you put on lace underwear is that it feels tighter around your body than its cotton counterpart. Lace is not as flexible and stretchy as cotton. In this respect, it will appeal to ladies who like to keep their bodies in check and have them under control in all situations.

On the other hand, Cotton underwear is ideal for women who like the comfortable ease of wearing tracksuit bottoms. Easy stretch bras adjust quickly to your body. So you can feel like you’re in your skin. So when choosing your underwear, be guided by your needs and the features of your figure, such as bust size.

Lace or cotton lingerie – when should you wear what?

When comparing lace bra and cotton bra, we can also notice differences in their construction. The former usually has a more stable frame, thanks to which the bust is more profiled and adequately lifted. It will therefore be a good choice in any situation where looking impeccable is essential. Wear it under tight-fitting blouses, open-necked shirts and plunging necklines. For romantic meetings, choose a model that will tempt you with delicate lace peeking out from underneath the garment.

Cotton is considered a soft fabric that is pleasant to the skin. This is also true of underwear made from cotton. It is suitable for situations where the skin is susceptible and prone to irritation. It is also a good solution wherever comfort and well-being come to the fore. Cotton underwear is recommended for breastfeeding mums, women undergoing breast surgery and women who also wear a bra to sleep.

Cotton and lace underwear – how to take care of it?

Underwear is an item of clothing worn directly on the skin. Therefore it requires proper care for its hygiene. It needs to be washed frequently, which ultimately affects the aesthetics of panties and bra. Lace underwear may be made of polyamide fibres, which retain their properties much longer than cotton. This feature means that polyamide is often added to cotton underwear to maintain its shape and properties after the next wash. Modern polyamide fibres are breathable, so there is no reason to avoid them.

If you’re a fan of washing your underwear at high temperatures, opt for cotton models. Artificial fibres may not survive these conditions, and your knickers and bras will lose their properties. So before you throw them into the washing machine, read the manufacturer’s instructions in detail.

Whatever the material, use gentle detergents when washing your underwear. Strong detergents can irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions. For this reason, make sure to rinse them thoroughly, preferably without using a fabric softener. A side effect of fabric softening, which is unfavourable in underwear, is the closing of the fibres. This makes the material less able to absorb moisture, so it will stay on your skin for longer, even leading to painful abrasions and chafing. This applies to both cotton and lace underwear.

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