What Does Fashion mean?

Lingerie is what most women think of when they hear the word lingerie. It is an article of clothing that covers the torso and buttocks of a woman. The word lingerie has often been used to refer to all types of intimate clothing, but in truth it is often used to describe one particular type of clothing. Today, lingerie can mean any piece of clothing that a woman might want to wear, but for the sake of clarity we will stick with lingerie that pertains to the female physique.


What exactly is lingerie anyway? Lingerie are woman’s undergarments designed to be worn sexy. They are often as colorful and attractive as many pieces of other clothing. The lingerie definition definitely includes sleepwear, undergarments, and other intimate items of clothing worn by modern women.

The word lingerie comes from the French word lingerie, which means “closed” or “closed to the chest.” Most of the time this type of attire is either worn on the upper thighs or along the hips and buttocks. This type of attire can be anything that a woman might desire, including bras, corsets, pantyhose, thongs, and anything else that has been restricted by society to only be worn on the breasts. With the development of modern lingerie, these garments have been transformed into fashionable garments that fit the form as well as the function.

When people are told that they need to learn French, they usually cringe because it makes them sound old and stupid. In reality, learning French terminology is not very hard, as there is a lot of overlap between the words used to describe contemporary lingerie and those used to describe traditional panties and garments. For example, the word linge essentially means a tight-fitting garment, while the word lingerie generally refers to undergarments that are see through. French terminology is simply a synonym for “undergarment.” In addition to this overlap, many words that are considered feminine today also had negative connotations in past years, including the word pantyhose which today is commonly used to describe hipsters.

Women’s lingerie is as broad ranging as women themselves. For example, you will find that there are bras that are designed for sports, yoga, dancing, or sexy sleepwear. You will also find a variety of sizes ranging from the smallest intimate contact bra, which conceals a baby bulge, to the largest piece of lingerie that is designed to compliment a full figured woman. Women who prefer the more delicate lace look over the stiffer straps and mesh fabric of the average bra can find the look online at a variety of retailers who specialize in lingerie.

Fashionable lingerie should be worn based on personal preferences, comfort, and form fitting garment. When buying a lingerie item be sure to try it on in the mirror so that you can see if it gives you an immediate feeling of self confidence. If you find that wearing the lingerie makes you self conscious or insecure about your body, then keep looking for other options. A good rule of thumb is to always choose lingerie styles that you find most comfortable and flattering, and that will help you to achieve the highest level of self confidence.