What Does Fashion Really Mean?


What Does Fashion Really Mean?

“Fashion is the form of autonomy and self-expression in a certain time and location and at a certain context.” The quote implies that the entire fashion industry defines what is fashionable as something that is current at that time. What is considered as current may be different from year to year, but the common thread that ties every style is the quest to be unique in some way. Although there are various definitions and analyses of what makes for fashionable clothing, the important thing is that it reflects one’s personality and is acceptable in certain social circles.

Fashion, more than any other subject in modern society, is a subjective term. One person’s notion of fashionable clothes may be entirely different from another person’s. The only consistent element in the definitions of fashion, is that the aim is to look good and to avoid being looked down upon for wearing the wrong kind of clothes. The same applies to women’s clothing as well as men’s.

Most people associate fashion with the clothes that are worn on the runway and seen on celebrities. While this is part of the reason why most people consider fashion to be important, there is another aspect of the word that needs to be highlighted. Contrary to the popular belief, fashion is not the clothes that celebrities wear but rather the way that they dress. And since the two are not necessarily the same, some rules of fashion need to be broken in order for both types of people to enjoy the benefits of dressing in certain clothing styles.

The first rule of fashion is that you should always choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable. There is no point in wearing clothes that make you feel bloated or even worse, uncomfortable. If you’re uncomfortable while wearing the clothes that you want to wear, chances are you won’t wear them or feel comfortable with them. This will only increase your opinion of yourself as a person and make you self conscious, which is never a good thing.

The next rule is also related to comfort. Everyone knows that clothing designers and manufacturers spend billions of dollars on creating clothing lines, each one looking to create new and unique clothing that will appeal to their target market. When you choose clothing based on how it makes you feel, you create a statement about yourself as a person and also set the standard for the clothing choices that other people will make with you. It is important to remember that this is not an issue of fashion but of individualism, which is why you don’t have to conform to what other people think.

Last but not least, it is important to understand that fashion is more than just clothes. Yes, a person’s choice of clothes can say a lot about their personality but a person’s personality is only expressed by the way that they choose to express themselves. By understanding this simple truth, it is possible to start putting your own personality into your clothing, ensuring that you are actually wearing clothes that are fashionable.